Resistance Press Release

Hagit Barkai: "Resistance"

opening reception Saturday June 4, 6 to 9 PM

exhibition runs through June 25, 2011

please note: new gallery hours Wed. Thurs, Fri. & Sat. Noon to 6 PM

Nau-haus Art, 223 E. 11th St. Houston TX, 77008

contact: Dan Allison

gallery phone: 281-615-4148

Good painting is always sincere. Great art is always honest, and artists arrive at greatness by channeling a burning desire. They take what is known and what is felt, and place it before us for our consideration so that we may stop a moment to think and feel a little more. Their original mark is as singular as a fingerprint and needs no comparison to the others for any reason other than historical reference. Originality is never the intent, but rather the result when the work has evolved from the inside out, from the heart of the individual and the burning desire that leads them.

We find Hagit Barkai and the evidence of her journey nearer the beginning than the end, but can still see an evolution from her earlier body of work.  Barkai's work is truthful and smart. She reminds us that we are not always pretty but sometimes just vulnerable, unaware and exposed. " I construct a space that is inhabitant by lives that are not fully there anymore, lives that are not fully there yet, and lives that are there but for one reason or another are not considered to be there."  We need smart artists to challenge our preconceptions so that we might overcome the prejudice of our perspective and allow ourselves the happiness that comes from a wider view.  Hagit Barkai demonstrates all the skill and desire she needs to share her vision, and the intelligence, honesty and heart to see it all. (view complete essay "Elegance and the Incomplete Idea" at link below)

                                                                                                                         DMA - Nau-haus 2011

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