Buried Commentaries: Installation at Caldwell Arts Council.

The installation Buried Commentaries is a meditation on hiding. Hiding people. Hiding places. Hiding acts. Hiding what is happening in representations, in ceremonies, in ideologies, in an identity and morphing what happened into new stories, new images.

The installation includes six upright paintings with imagery from staged photo performances representing stories ranging from private to archetypical, and 30 smaller paintings of places in which hiding occurs through normalization, abandonment and memorials.

Among the places I visited are Camp Les Milles in south of France before, during and after its reconstruction into a memorial museum, museums and outdoor memorials in Jerusalem and Berlin, and checkpoints in the Israeli occupied West Bank in Palestinian territories, The photo performances were done with actors, dancers, performance artists, models, and friends in various locations including Houston Texas, Tel Aviv Israel, Berlin Germany and Brignole France.